Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The nearly boys...

It's been a typical start to the summer - not just with the unpredictable weather (blazing sunshine and hailstones in May!), but the higgledy piggledy nature of our management and planning; leaving us with a rather hit and miss summer of festivities, a little like sunshine and hailstones. 

Our Agent has confirmed their first 'giggle' for us; at a summer illuminations festival in Matlock. This sounds quite fun and it'll be the furthest north we've ventured (sunshine). We have a very cushy support slot with Steve Tilston (big sunshine!) followed by a few weddings for friends of friends (hailstones). We play The Little Big Festival in September (sunshine), and then lug all our gear to a random pub in the arse end of nowhere where our fee is bulked out with cheap cider and pub-grub! (big hailstones!). 

Much of our imagined summer spent performing at the many quirky festivals on the UK summer circuit hasn't quite materialised; CD sales are low, we still owe 4 arms and a head to the debtors and continue to be drummer-less; the piano player still lives 300 miles away; we haven't shot any footage yet and we've still not fixed the mandolin! It's easy to get downbeat and trudge home with hailstone bruises when the suns just a cloud or two away; patience. We absolutely rocked the Ale Festival at The Gurnards Head last month! The music is good, we may all be getting older, but I do think we're getting better! We're the nearly boys, we just need a break in the clouds man...

Luck does play a part; we were offered a slot at The Secret Garden Party but it clashes with WOMAD (ouch!). We were offered a slot at Glastonbury Festival's Greenpeace stage (glorious sunshine!) but no tickets to get in (death by hailstone!). 

Ah well; keep your pecker up, turn your face to the fun, keep on keeping on. 
Shambala and Green Man could confirm next week and then it's a pretty busy programme. Steve Tilston. A nice review in Rock n Reel. A new drummer. 
The Illuminations Festival, that does sounds fun. It doesn't hail in Matlock does it!?

Lady luck!x