Tuesday, 19 May 2015

We're all going on a... PR Campaign

So it's been a while. The longest absence between posts since we began tapping away our journeys on this medium. A large part of this prolonged silence is due to my being away in Norfolk doing a play and having very little time. The other reason is that nothing much has been happening. We've been spread all over the country and contact has been sparse. We've been letting 'life' get in the way of music. The guitarist has quit his job and started a landscape gardening company while the drummer's been off gallivanting in Holland at the Cajon/Zydeco festivals. The bass player's still tinkering with the sound effects on the nations TV shows, and the piano player... I actually don't know where's he's been? Pushing paintballs; that's a given. Sleeping through his alarm and missing his recording session the other day too; tut tut!

Nothing much has been happening music-wise, apart from the continuing delays of the album. With the producer being so sought after and busy, progress has been slow; he's been off at award ceremonies, mixing sound for Bellowhead and working out in Hong Kong! But now, finally, things are starting to trickle in. Mixes are coming back to us. Or should be coming back to us! The summer's activities are beginning to fill out. Very soon we'll be thrust straight back into the deep end with an eager fan base wanting to hear all this new material and us not having had a second to practice it. I finish this play, sleep a little and then drive 8 hours in the old Rennalt 4 from Norfolk to Zennor, as we once again take to the stage at Don'k Wake The Fish on sunday 24th! Our 4th consecutive appearance at this lovely little Cornish ale festival. We may try a couple of new songs but it could be risky, we don't want the first time you hear them to be slapdash. You might not buy the album!

After that we have our big weekend in London, with gigs at The Underbelly and The Gladstone (29th & 30th). More new songs will be trialled, especially at the more intimate setting of the famous old Gladstone.

We take a wee break for June before 4 giggles in July (including the unofficial album launch!) and another 3 in August (including returning to Shambala Festival!) and the release of our second film, How to be in a Band.

September see's the official album launch and a PR campaign to promote it plus another trans-channel voyage to Holland and Belgium.

That's the summer season for now. Hopefully we're nearby to most of you. Apart from the Americans and our one fan in Dominica.
Next year darlings!;-)

A Public Relations campaign hey!
Who'd have thought it!?
Us rapscallions; a queer and quirky quartet from Quornwall! Together with our 5th import, our drummer from the bearded and beer-bellied north. Together we have been as "ramshackle" and "slapdash" as is possible; "with a reputation for disorganisation that proceeds us!". We've toured up and down the country in a "woefully inadequate vehicle!" forgetting instruments and directions. Turned up to gigs late. Been in trouble with the Scottish police for carrying weapons on the train. Choosing to live 100's of miles apart, spread across the stretch of southern England, while trying to run a band on a shoestring. We've changed venues at the last minute, been chased by angry bulls and found ourselves unceremoniously dumped on the BBC cutting-room floor. And yet, we're held in fond regard, followed by 1000's and have been self-funded by our fans. And now, we're embarking on a public relations campaign, forking out some, as yet, unfound money to a man/woman who will promote us, prettify us and professionalise us! Us, with the scruffy hats and dodgy velvet jackets, the keyboards stuffed in snowboard cases and propped up on ironing boards. Us, the band who forget to bring CD's to gigs and even when we do, forget to sell them. The band who travel in 3 cars even though we fit in one. We're off into a world of targets and plans, even though we've never had a target audience or indeed a plan. We just wanna "make people smile and bounce!" 

Anyhow, how about that? How ironic! If indeed it is? 

Nobody knows what ironic means since Alanis Morissette's song, ironic.